Juvéderm® offers long-lasting results

Patients who come to my cosmetic dermatology clinic in Toronto are often looking for treatments that will give them a natural, youthful look that won’t require surgery or other lengthy or invasive procedures.

I have found that Juvéderm filler is a perfect fit in my practice to quickly give patients the enhancement they desire.

The injectable gel Juvédermis designed to fill in the sunken or thinned parts of the face that lose volume as we age. These are the regions that can give a face an older appearance. Juvéderm™ rounds out cheeks, cheekbones, and the chin, creating a softer, more youthful look. Fillers also improve the hollows below the eyes that give a tired appearance. Of course, a popular treatment is lip enhancement, not only for younger patients, but also for mature women whose lips usually thin with aging. An experienced cosmetic dermatologist can achieve a very natural look with fillers.

The dermal filler Juvéderm is made of a naturally occurring sugar that spreads out evenly after it’s injected, so the end result won’t be lumpy or uneven. The results of such fillers can last for one year or longer in many patients.

Within half an hour, patients can look five to 10 years younger with filler injections. There is a potential for some bruising, but make-up can be applied, and most people carry on with their regular activities. Patients tell me that their friends say they look fantastic but are not quite sure why since the results are very natural looking.

A Juvéderm procedure can be combined with other treatments for even better results. Be sure to ask me about the possibilities, and together we will develop an individualized treatment plan to give you a youthful, fresh appearance.

Written by Dr. Martie Gidon

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