Remove spider veins with lasers

Port wine stains can mar an otherwise uniform surface, drawing the eye and distracting from other elements that should be getting the spotlight. The dark red or purple blotch isn’t something a person has to live with, thanks to laser vein removal.

A port wine stain is actually made up of many spider veins coming together to form something larger than a single, dark thread. One can appear anywhere from the face and neck to the legs and thighs.

Genetics are involved with the presence of spider veins, and port wine stains can be with you from the beginning as birthmarks, but other factors—including sun exposure and rosacea or other diseases—can also trigger the development of extra veins.

Yes, they’re extra veins. Your body doesn’t need them, so if you don’t want to look at them, your best move is to remove them via laser or intense pulsed light treatment. Simply put, the procedure heats up the blood inside these unwanted veins, causing coagulation and collapse. After the visible tracks cave in, they’re reabsorbed into your body, leaving clear skin behind.

The exact type of light used for laser vein removal is determined by the size and placement of the veins, as well as how far they sit beneath the skin’s surface. Results may be noticeable after the first session, but often, for the desired effect, a few selected treatments—possibly extending over several months at Gidon Aesthetics and MediSpa in Toronto will be necessary.

After removal, new spider veins can grow and creep back into view, especially around the nose and on legs. Fortunately, laser vein removal isn’t a one-time procedure, and a patient can come back for treatment as often as necessary.

Written by Dr. Martie Gidon

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