See What Thermage® Could Do For You

When it comes to deciding on the cosmetic procedure best suited to your aesthetic goals, being able to see the results of a particular treatment, such as Thermage®, can be helpful.

For this reason, I make before-and-after pictures available on my website for Gidon Aesthetics and MediSpa in Toronto. I offer a full photo gallery of cosmetic dermatology options, highlighting 16 procedures from laser hair removal to peels and fillers to Thermage®.

Many of the categories have several visual references. The Fraxel section, for instance—which is a laser treatment that addresses aging and sun-damaged skin—features more than a dozen cases. You can instantly see how the procedure makes a positive visual impact on faces, hands, and the abdominal area, where spots, wrinkles, scars, and lines diminish in appearance.

The Thermage® photo gallery is by far the most extensive. It displays 60 different cases and will give anyone interested in the benefits of Thermage® an immediate reference. Obviously, no two people will enjoy the exact same results of this skin-tightening procedure, but the cases presented on my website show a range of facial types and the improvements they experienced.

There are close-ups of dozens of faces. In each before-and-after set, you can see how Thermage® transforms loose, saggy skin into tight skin with more youthful contours. Eyes lose that tired look, and necks appear less flabby. In fact, Thermage® can treat the forehead, eyelids, cheeks, jawline, and neck. When all of these areas are tightened, the effect is one of a “mini facelift”—and there is no surgery required since the procedure works via radio frequency. In all, a Thermage® session lasts about 1 1/2 hours, with the full results visible within three to eight months.

Visitors to the photo gallery will also see hands that seem to lose years’ worth of wrinkles. They will also find visually improved abdomens, arms, and legs. All of these areas of the body can be tightened and have improved skin texture. Thermage® treatment can even minimize the appearance of scars.

If the before-and-after images capture your interest, but you would still like to learn more about Thermage®, Fraxel, or any other cosmetic dermatology procedure available at my Toronto practice, you can further explore the website or call my office at (416) 483-4541.

Written by Dr. Martie Gidon

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