SmoothShapes™ Combines Various Techniques for a Single, Beautiful Result

We’ve just recently celebrated Canada Day, which honors the coming together of several different regions to form what became the country we know and love today. A good lesson to take away from the holiday is that there is power and benefit in combining various elements to create a harmonious whole—a belief to which I wholeheartedly ascribe at Gidon Aesthetics and MediSpa in Toronto.

I enjoy working with my patients to create effective and personalized treatment plans that take full advantage of all of the resources I offer at my practice. There are areas where laser treatment might be best to clear up problem spots, and other areas where radio frequency or an injectable might work best to give you the results you would like to achieve. Various treatments and products can complement each other to generate an overall look of health, youth, and beauty. You don’t have to choose just one procedure, nor a single area of your body you’d like to see improved.

A treatment that typifies that idea of bringing together a variety of elements for a common purpose is SmoothShapes™, which combines laser and light energy with mechanical massage and suction, all in the name of reducing the appearance of cellulite.

This treatment works by smoothing and tightening skin over a series of ten-minute sessions. SmoothShapes™ stimulates natural collagen production and improves the flow of blood and other fluids, generating increased elasticity that allows for smoother skin. Women who choose this procedure report that it feels like a warm, deep-tissue massage on their back, legs, buttocks, belly, or wherever it is being applied.

To further the idea of practical partnerships, the SmoothShapes™ technique can be paired with UltraShape Body Contouring, which eliminates the underlying fat deposits. Remove unwanted fat, then smooth away any stubborn cellulite. Once you see the results of this combination, every day will seem like a cause for celebration.

Written by Dr. Martie Gidon

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