UltraShape® Proves to be as a Popular as it is Safe and Effective at Treating Circumferential Fat Deposits

Patients should approach any type of medical treatment—invasive or non-invasive—with the question of safety in mind. Thanks to modern technology and an emphasis on preserving health, clients at Gidon Aesthetics and MediSpa in Toronto can enjoy the benefits of a non-invasive cosmetic treatment such as UltraShape® without worry.

I can report that trained doctors—including myself—have collectively administered tens of thousands of UltraShape® treatments at 250 sites throughout the world. Its manufacturers report extensive clinical trials and more than 200,000 treatments performed in more than 50 countries around the globe. Throughout that multitude of applications, there have been no reports of significant or long-lasting adverse events. In fact, there have hardly been any adverse events to speak of.

In one particular Paris-based study from 2010, the researchers not only found a lack of adverse effects, but also discovered that about 90 percent of the UltraShape® patients who participated reported no pain at all during or after their appointments. These patients each received three half-hour- to hour-and-a-half-long sessions that focused on their abdomens and were scheduled for every two weeks in a 112-day window. The researchers followed the patients throughout all of the treatments, as well as 84 days afterward.

UltraShape® makes use of focused ultrasound waves to directly target fat in specific areas, eliminating the unwanted tissue without surgery or other invasive means. It employs a real-time tracking system that guides the ultrasound energy so that it more uniformly spreads across the treatment area and creates a smoother, more natural look than liposuction.

This treatment has proven to be a popular method of body contouring, attributable in no small way to its record of safety and its effectiveness.

A 2013 study that focused on Asian patients found researchers pairing ultrasound with radio-frequency treatments. “Combination therapy of focused ultrasound and radio-frequency for noninvasive body contouring is an effective, safe, and painless procedure in Asians,” the study’s authors concluded. “Although the change is minor compared to traditional surgical procedure, it is real, definite, and effective.”

When patients choose this procedure to address one specific area, for example an abdomen, they are so impressed with their results that they often decide to treat other areas, such as thighs, as well. The minimal discomfort experienced and the fact that there is no downtime, make UltraShape® a very popular, effective treatment.

Written by Dr. Martie Gidon

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