UltraShape® Takes Centimeters Off of Men’s and Women’s Waistlines

Throughout the spring, many people in Toronto and beyond have been gearing up for slimming down. Eating healthy and exercising regularly are great ways to shed pounds. But with summer at hand, some sun-lovers may find that no matter what they do, they just can’t manage to lose those love handles, muffin tops, and saddlebags.

UltraShape® is designed to tackle such problem areas. The ultrasound treatment specifically targets nothing but fat cells, destroying them and sending them out of the body in the same way fat is removed through natural weight loss efforts—via blood and the liver. This makes it ideal for breaking down the stubborn pockets of fatty deposits that make up the aforementioned love handles, as well as excess padding that clings to a patient’s abdomen, thighs, or back.

Note that UltraShape® is not intended to be a weight-loss device. It’s intended for men and women who weigh an average to moderately above-average amount. It’s best thought of as a precision tool—one that uses ultrasound waves in lieu of such surgically invasive methods as liposuction.

The benefits of UltraShape® include how quickly a session can be wrapped up (typically much less than two hours) and its essentially nonexistent downtime. People who treat themselves to the technology will be able to walk away from Gidon Aesthetics and MediSpa basically as soon as the session is done and let their body do the work in eliminating the unwanted fat. There are no incisions, no scars, and no bruising, making it ideal for swimsuit season. Results should be visible within a month, and will last as long as lifestyle allows. (That means maintaining the right diet and level of physical activity.)

The right swimsuit can make anyone look good, but if your personal style and confidence are leading you to tackle those love handles, muffin tops, and saddlebags  with more than a healthy diet and regular exercise, consider UltraShape®.

Written by Dr. Martie Gidon

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