Vein Removal: Don’t Keep What You Don’t Need

Making the choice for vein removal isn’t exactly like organizing your closet, but the two activities do have a something in common. It’s a saying: If you’re not using it, get rid of it.

There’s a simple de-cluttering tip that’s been making the cleaning-advice rounds online. If you find yourself running out of hangers or physical space in your closet, or even if you want to proactively maintain the clothes storage area so it doesn’t get overrun with shorts and shirts, you should follow the basic rule of letting go of anything you don’t need.

How do you determine that? If you haven’t worn an outfit at any time in the last year, toss it. You don’t need to throw it away, though. Donating it to a secondhand store is a good choice, especially as people are now starting to think about preparing their wardrobes for the fall season and back-to-school shopping.

Think of your face the same way. Are there red or purple veins taking up space? Such spider veins can be annoying, and they’re certainly not necessary. These veins aren’t part of your active, healthy circulatory system, so if they’re serving no purpose—other than to frustrate you—consider getting rid of them.

While you can just grab a hanger and toss the garment in question over your shoulder, eliminating a spider vein takes a bit more effort and involves at least one other person: a trained, certified, and experienced cosmetic dermatologist.

I frequently use intense pulsed lights sources and lasers to eliminate spider veins. The light heats up the wayward blood, causing it to thicken and coagulate. If the blood isn’t flowing freely, your body has no reason to maintain the vein. First, it will collapse; then, your body will reabsorb it.

While the rest of your blood will find a new way to get from Point A to Point B—a route that doesn’t travel just beneath your skin and across your face—know that spider veins may eventually return, especially on the nose. The telltale new red and blue veins may develop over time just under the skin, but the intense pulsed light treatments can once again be used to eliminate them.

Patients seeking vein removal at my office, Gidon Aesthetics and MediSpa in downtown Toronto, will find that I work diligently to determine which is the best approach to each particular case of spider veins. Factors I consider include the size of the spider vein or web of veins to be removed and their location. I generally recommend one to three treatments spaced three to four weeks apart when it comes to treating facial veins.

You shouldn’t hold onto a sweater that you don’t think looks good on you. Why keep spider veins around if you don’t like their look, either?

Written by Dr. Martie Gidon

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