Many of us wish for a golden, glowing tan, but spending hours in the sun unprotected isn’t advisable, given the risk of skin cancer, heat exhaustion, and eye damage. In fact, excessive levels of sun exposure are also thought to be the primary cause of accelerated aging. Sun damage, also referred to as “photoaging,” happens when damage accumulates on the skin from ultraviolet (UV) rays, resulting in brown spots, redness, rough spots, lines and wrinkles, pigmentation, and skin cancers. The best way to protect yourself against these changes is simply to follow sun safety practices such as wearing abroad-spectrum sunscreen with SPF 30+ each day, seeking shade, and wearing protective clothing plus sunglasses. Our Gidon Aesthetic & MediSpaclinic recommends these skin resurfacing tools for Toronto patients to correct skin imperfections.

1. Fractional Laser Resurfacing

If your skin is sun-damaged, you may have wrinkles, age spots, blotches, loose skin, and spider veins. Fractional laser skin resurfacing uses tiny columns of energy to stimulate collagen remodeling in the deeper layers for a smoother texture and clearer tone.

2. IPL Photorejuvenation

IPL (intense pulsed light) is a light-based treatment as opposed to a laser. It creates a more even skin tone by minimizing sun spots, freckles, spider veins, and other types of discoloration with brief pulses of light that cause pigment to be eliminated.

3. Microneedling

Another effective way to kickstart collagen production from the inside out is with microneedling. This treatment involves microfine needles that create controlled injuries to stimulate new collagen. Radiofrequency can be added as well as personalized serums to enhance the treatment.

4. Photodynamic Therapy

Photosensitizing agents are applied to the skin and activated with light to destroy damaged cells.

5. LED Photomodulation

LED photomodulation is a non-ablative, low-intensity light therapy that enhances skin quality with pulses of red or blue light.

6. Microdermabrasion

The microdermabrasion device gently exfoliates to rejuvenate dull or damaged skin while encouraging more collagen development. The skin immediately feels soft and smooth.

7. Chemical Peels

The chemical solution exfoliates the damaged surface layer of skin to reveal fresh, smooth skin.

8. Medical Grade Therapeutic Skin Care Products

At Gidon Aesthetics & MediSpa, our experienced team can analyze your skin and determine which therapeutic skincare products would be best for your skin type to help prevent more sun damage, reverse existing damage and maintain the effects of in-office treatments.

Interested in reversing the signs of sun damage on your skin? Each patient is unique – we can help you create a treatment plan for your specific concerns. To explore options for skin resurfacing, contact our Gidon Aesthetics & MediSpa practice serving Toronto and surrounding areas. Give us a call at 416-483-4541 or fill out a contact form.