Cold, dry air during a long bitter winter can be detrimental to your skin. Spring is the perfect time to shed old dead skin cells and reveal fresh new skin. Prepare for the warmer, sunnier weather with procedures and skin care products appropriate for the season and perfect for your skin type.

Revive your skin with a combination of treatments done at the same session. Doing several treatments at the same time efficiently saves you repeat clinic visits and downtime. Many procedures can be combined and here are a few suggestions.

  • IPL, Clear + Bright laser, microneedling with specific serums
  • Fraxy laser, microneedling plus PRP
  • Radio frequency skin tightening, mild laser, mesoinfusion
  • Facial, light chemical peel, IPL

Intense Pulsed Light
IPL treatment helps fade spider veins and brown spots. It stimulates collagen and will help your skin look more radiant.
Clear + Bright Laser
Our mildest laser will leave you a bit pink and puffy for a day, but in a few days your skin will feel so smooth and silky.
Fraxy Laser
This laser is more aggressive and can be combined with microneedling. You will have about one week’s downtime but your skin will look amazing afterwards.
Microneedling with Radio Frequency
Tiny needles penetrate the skin to stimulate the production of your own natural collagen. In addition, radio frequency tightens.
Radio Frequency Skin Tightening
Pulses of radio frequency penetrate deeply into the skin to effectively tighten existing collagen and stimulate the production of new collagen. Tightening and lifting give a youthful appearance.
Gold needling with specialized serums stimulates collagen and improves tone and texture for glowing skin. Choose serums with hyaluronic acid, antioxidants, neuromodulators and PRP.
Platelet-rich Plasma
PRP is derived from your own serum. It contains growth factors to enhance healing and stimulate your own collagen.
In additional to being relaxing, facials can cleanse, remove impurities, stimulate the circulation and leave skin glowing.
Light Chemical Peels
Mild chemical exfoliation with glycolic acid or salicylic acid helps clear out pores for a more refined skin texture.
Diamond tip exfoliation of dead surface skin stimulates the production of new skin cells and allows better penetration of therapeutic skin care products.
Skin Care Products and Sunscreen
With warmer weather, serums and light-textured products are appropriate for most individuals to help prevent blocked pores. Sunscreens are available in several formulations for all skin types. It is important to use sunscreen daily even in overcast weather since UVA is always present and even penetrates through glass.

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