There are some exciting new facial filler trends for 2023. Our Toronto-based team at Gidon Aesthetics & MediSpare commends these injectable treatments, also known as dermal fillers, for smoothing creases or wrinkles, restoring volume that has been lost from the lower and mid-face areas, and sculpting the face. These minimally invasive injectables are highly sought-after by those who wish to enhance their features or restore a more youthful appearance. Statistics show that the demand for injectables is greater than ever. Curious about what’s happening in the beauty industry this year? Let’s explore some of the key facial filler trends that are taking the aesthetics industry by storm.

  • Treatments for the Lower Face Are More Popular Than Ever

The jawline is currently one of the most in-demand areas for cosmetic treatments. This year, the more chiselled or sculpted look is in, and fillers are one of the most effective non-surgical techniques to achieve a sharper, well-defined appearance. We can add filler to the cheeks to create a more uplifted appearance, improve chin projection and create a smoother jawline contour.

  • Subtle and Natural-Looking Results Are in Demand

Rather than changing your features drastically, facial fillers can bring out the beauty of your unique facial features. Although you may be interested in improving a certain area, an expert assessment is essential in determining which areas actually require treatment to achieve the desired outcome. We avoid an overfilled appearance that results from using too much filler inappropriately – we can help you achieve the most natural and stunning results.

  • Preventative Treatments to Maintain Beauty Are Desired

Many individuals are seeking treatments as soon as they start to notice signs of aging such as wrinkling, loss of volume and sagging. They are interested in preventing these changes from progressing and in maintaining their beauty. Early, subtle treatments that are anti-aging have grown in popularity.

What are the facial filler trends for 2023? Contact our Toronto-based Gidon Aesthetics & MediSpa team to find out more. Call us at 416-483-4541 or submit a contact form to request a consultation.