There’s no doubt that laser treatments are an effective way of achieving the flawless, radiant skin we all desire. Masks, peels, and microdermabrasion treatments can produce minimal improvement, but lasers maximize results that wouldn’t be possible with other less aggressive procedures. Not sure if you would be a good candidate for light or laser-based treatments? Read on, since almost anyone could benefit from a laser procedure.

Laser skin treatments from our Toronto-based practice correct minor to moderate flaws or irregularities on the skin. These include acne scars, chickenpox scars, crow’s feet, drooping eyelids, sagging skin, wrinkles around the eyes, forehead and mouth, fine lines, sun damage, enlarged oil glands, uneven pigmentation, and age spots.

We offer both ablative and non-ablative laser skin resurfacing but not everyone will be a good candidate for laser treatments. The procedure is ideal for individuals who would like to see an improvement in the appearance of their skin. As with any other type of aesthetic treatment, it’s very important for patients to maintain realistic expectations about the benefits of laser resurfacing procedures and what improvements can be achieved for their skin. Lasers can significantly improve the overall appearance of the skin, but the result may not be a perfectly flawless complexion for everyone. Dr. Gidon does a thorough skin examination, discusses your concerns and goals, explains the potential downtime associated with each procedure and decides which laser procedure would be best for every individual patient.

Most resurfacing lasers are geared for those who have light to medium skin tones. There are some lasers suitable for darker skin types but care must be taken to avoid pigmentary changes such as hyperpigmentation or hypopigmentation. Skin preparation with products to suppress darkening should be used before and after laser treatments and sun exposure must be avoided. A Cosmetic Dermatologist is a skin care expert and takes into account all of these factors so patients can achieve the best possible results.

Laser treatments are often combined with radio frequency skin tightening for saggy, loose skin, neuromodulator and filler injections for significant wrinkles, and medication to control acne. Sun protection and medical grade skin care products help maintain the results of the treatments.

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Who Would Be the Perfect Candidate for Laser Skin Resurfacing?