Neuromodulators from our Toronto practice are well-known treatment options in the realm of cosmetic procedures, promising a smoother, younger-looking, rested appearance with minimal downtime. These are injections that prevent a muscle from moving for a limited time so that the skin on the surface can’t bunch or crease. Fine lines can disappear and established wrinkles are softened.

While neuromodulators are hailed for their ability to reduce dynamic wrinkles and fine lines with little to no preparation or recovery time needed, there are factors individuals should contemplate before undergoing treatment. Understanding these considerations can ensure a great experience. Here are five essential things to know before you have treatment with neuromodulators.

  1. The Results Won’t Show Right Away

Don’t panic if you’re not seeing instant results as soon as you leave the office. The results are usually noticeable within three to four days on average but it can take up to fourteen days to see the full benefit.

  1. You Might Have Some Bruising

Even though this is a low-risk treatment with almost no recovery time, there may still be some side effects. It’s usually recommended that you don’t have neuromodulator injections a few days before an important meeting or other social event since there is a potential for bruising that may last a few days. Avoidance of alcohol, green tea, anti-inflammatory medication, omega-3s, vitamin E and garlic a week before your treatment can reduce the risk of bruising. The use of arnica serum before and after treatment can also minimize bruising.

  1. They Don’t Actually Remove Wrinkles Completely

While this is a treatment for wrinkles, patients shouldn’t expect them to disappear completely. This treatment won’t “iron” out deep wrinkles that would also require fillers for plumping and it won’t get rid of the static wrinkles that remain when your face is at rest. These injections relax and soften dynamic muscle movement.

  1. It’s Not Just for People Who Already Have Deep Wrinkles

Patients in their twenties and thirties can start having neuromodulator treatments as soon as they notice the development of fine lines. These preventative treatments stop the lines from forming and deepening.

  1. Neuromodulator Injections Do Not Last Forever

Most patients find that their injections last from three to four months. There should be a return of some movement before your next treatment but not full movement that will deepen any lines.

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