External factors such as sunlight, weather changes, pollution, and gravity have a constant, damaging effect on our skin. A combination of natural aging and cumulative sun damage results in unwanted changes to the texture and tone of the skin. Some of the most common complaints by patients include facial lines and wrinkles, skin pigmentation, rough spots, and scars. If you are interested in improving these changes as well as your overall complexion, you may benefit from fractional non-ablative laser skin resurfacing from our Toronto-based practice. One of the most common questions patients ask is whether fractional laser treatments can be done in the summer.

Although sunny weather may not be the best time for light and laser-based procedures, sometimes it’s the only convenient time for treatment. For example, teachers and students may find that summer is ideal for them to have laser treatments because of obligations during the rest of the year when they cannot take the downtime. In sunny climates, such as Florida and California, laser treatments are performed year-round. As long as precautions are taken, laser-based treatments can be safe and effective at any time of the year, including the summer. In this post, we explore some of the steps you should take pre and post laser resurfacing treatments.

Before we decide if this treatment is right for you, Dr. Gidon will conduct a detailed consultation. She will assess your medical history and skin type, examine your skin, and discuss your aesthetic goals. It will be crucial to limit sun exposure as much as possible and there are skin care products that should be started before your treatment. Stay out of the sun, especially during peak UV hours, avoid tanning, seek shade, apply broad-spectrum sunscreen daily, and wear hats and other protective clothing.

Pre-Treatment Instructions

  • Do not be tanned going into your treatment.
  • To prevent the potential of pigmentation occurring after laser treatment, you will be given products that help suppress excess pigmentation.
  • Various serums can prepare your skin for treatment, improve elimination of old cells and enhance the production of new collagen and elastin.

Post-Treatment Instructions

  • You will be given specific treatment instructions depending on which laser was used.
  • Practice strict sun protection daily with a tinted sunscreen and a broad-brimmed hat.
  • Avoid daytime outdoor activities for one week and then plan activities before 10 am or after 4 pm throughout the summer.
  • Continue with your pre-treatment products as directed.

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