Fillers are made of soft, gel-like substances and are commonly used for reducing wrinkles or restoring the volume of the face. They are a highly popular, non-surgical method of enhancing the lips, especially amongst younger people. Thinking of having this aesthetic treatment? Here are five reasons why our Gidon Aesthetics & MediSpa team in Toronto recommends lip fillers.

1. Enlarge Naturally Small Lips

If you’ve always had small lips, genetics is the most likely cause. Fillers increase their volume for a more supple, luscious appearance. Despite the common misconception, lip fillers aren’t likely to cause a disproportionate, bee-stung-like appearance that many patients are afraid of. In most cases, skilled injectors are able to add a subtle enhancement of the lips that is barely noticeable.

2. Make Asymmetrical Lips More Even

Some people are born with lips that are naturally uneven with a larger top or bottom lip, or alternatively, this asymmetry may occur as a result of weakened facial muscles or disease. Hyaluronic acid fillers do more than simply augment lips; they can also make lips look more balanced by altering their shape and structure.

3. Reduce Effects of Aging

Lip fillers are also useful for tackling fine lipstick lines and wrinkles on or around the lips. It’s common for the lips to become flattened, thin, and deflated as hyaluronic acid, collagen, and elastin are depleted from the skin due to natural aging. Sun exposure can also contribute to the formation of wrinkles around the mouth.

4. Make Lips Glossier

It’s common for people to have dry or dull lips especially if they live in colder climates. Another advantage of using lip fillers is that they can make dry, chapped, or cracked lips appear glossy smoother, and shinier. The fillers used by Dr. Gidon contain a moisture-preserving ingredient known as hyaluronic acid.

5. Convenience

Lip injections are completed in quick, in-office treatments. They are low-maintenance, and it is easy for the injector to control how much filler is placed. It’s also possible to reverse the effects of the filler with an enzyme if you’re unhappy with the results.

Find out about our lip filler options by talking to board-certified dermatologist Dr. Martie Gidon and our staff at the Gidon Aesthetics & MediSpa office in Toronto. Give us a call at 416-483- 4541 or message us online.