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See What Thermage® Could Do For You

When it comes to deciding on the cosmetic procedure best suited to your aesthetic goals, being able to see the results of a particular treatment, such as Thermage®, can be helpful. For this reason, I make before-and-after pictures available on … Continue reading

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Acne is Not Just a Teenager’s Problem, and Levulan® Can Help

Many teenagers deal with the problem of acne, including blackheads, whiteheads, and pimples. The condition is typically seen as one that plagues younger people going through puberty, but the dermatological issue can impact adults of any age. Acne is caused … Continue reading

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Lip Augmentation Can Help Make a Friendly First Impression

There are many criteria by which two people can judge each other when they initially meet, but scientists recently discovered that an inviting, full-lipped smile—whether the benefit of youth or product of lip augmentation—is one of the main factors that … Continue reading

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